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Westwood’s Reopening Updates and Advisory Tips

The Westwood Baptist Church Reopening Workgroup, convened by our Pastor, has worked on a re-opening plan that addresses the health, safety, and well-being of our members and the surrounding community. The plan is based on local health data, risk management, disciples’ comfort levels, and feasibility; and, is being implemented with guidance from our Pastor and in collaboration with the appropriate ministries and resources.

What has been done to date?

Since March, Our essential church services, prayer call, bible study, and young member services have been offered virtually and via dial-in. The church has approved the installation of equipment to offer enhanced live streaming services. Procurement is underway. This major enhancement is named the Dolson B. Anderson Jr. Media Ministry.
A survey of our members has been conducted to determine preferences on how to best to move forward with church re-opening.

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