Ministries:  Discipleship Pathway

“So work ….to discover what it really means to be saved.”   Philippians 2:12 CEV

At Westwood we realize that God created every person with greatness within.   We believe that our greatness begins with our need for God and our saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.   However, many persons stall in their growth towards greatness after they are saved.   That is why we created the Discipleship Pathway.   The Discipleship Pathway is a four-part path that assists all of us to locate where we are on our journey and help us grow through experiences, education and service.    Regardless if you are new to the faith or renewing your walk or a seasoned saint we want you to know there is room on the path for you and we invite you to participate as faithfully as you feel led.

Ministries that are designed to help people “come in” are those that help new guests, visitors or members enjoy their experience at Westwood.   For all new members we have a New Disciples Class that is customized to help persons learn about Jesus and how Westwood for over a century and a half has helped people hone their gifts and help our community to RISE.

Ministries that are designed to “lean in” are those that are committed to education and spiritual growth.  Christian Education, Sunday Church School, Bible Study, Intercessory Prayer, Wednesday Morning Prayer.   We strongly encourage that all persons in Westwood participate in something every week that helps them to “lean in” to their faith and spiritual development

Ministries that are designed to “help out” are those that serve the church community of Westwood.   You can help out with our Choir, Ushers, Greeters, Youth Ministry, Communications, Media, etc.

We believe that all ministries are designed to “Go Out” beyond the walls of the church and serve others.   We do this through church-wide Passion Projects where a ministry will take the lead to go and serve and meet a need in our community.   All parts of the Discipleship Pathway are built to give disciples the tools to go out and serve others.   When people see us serving others they see the power of Christ in our lives and it will provide an opening to invite them to Come In.    People must first see our faith by our works to believe that our faith works.