Worship Time: Sunday at 9:45 AM
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   915 Glenburnie Road, Richmond, VA 23226 | 804-288-3223
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A Vibrant and fruitful church living by the following five practices:

- Radical Hospitality
- Passionate Worship
- Intentional Faith Development
- Risk Taking Mission and Service
- Extravagant Generosity 


In 1872, a group of ex-slaves left the Patterson Plantation and gathered in a section of Henrico County known as the "Furnace." This group of religious seekers organized a Sunday School. A year later, the group settled in what is now known as Westwood. Mr. Robert Pemberton and Mr. Willie Williams welcomed them into their homes for Prayer Service.

In 1874, the first Westwood Church was established. The building was a log cabin erected by both men and women. The first pastor, Rev. George Daggett, served the church and community for 20 years. The congregation steadily grew. Soon another edifice was built, this time of weatherboard. A cemetery was also designated in the rear of the church.

  • Ministerial
    Youth Minister, Minister Sharon Rowell
    Church Secretary, Mrs. Martha White
    Treasurer, Richard Lambert
    Assistant Treasurer, Revardo Pretlow
    Financial Secretary, Mrs Claresa Waller
    Asst. Financial Sec., Diane Whitfield-Tyree

  • Musicians
    Rev. Almeta Ingram-Miller - Minister of Music and Fine Arts
    Claiborne Shelton, PhD - Organist / Director
    Cheryl Yancey - Director / Anointed Radical Mighty Youth (ARMY) Choir
    Minister Caudie Kelly - Director/Musician / Anointed Radical Mighty Youth (ARMY) Choir
    Rudy Pitchford - Bass
    Maurice Logan / Luke Saunders - Drummers

    Building and Grounds

    Lisa Athy


Deacon Ministry
Deaconess Ministry
Trustee Ministry
Culinary Ministry
Publicity Ministry
Transportation Ministry
Pastor's Aid Ministry
Education/Scholarship Ministry
Media Ministry
Women's Ministry
Men on Fire Ministry
Praise Dance Ministry
Health and Wellness Ministry
Twilighters Ministry
Young Adult Ministry
Youth Ministry
Martha E. Woodson Missionary Ministry
Tutorial Ministry
Discipleship Ministry
Children's Church Ministry
Sunday Nursery Ministry
The Ministry of Music
- Combined Choir
- Andrew H. Coles, Jr. Male Chorus
- Youth and Young Adult Choir
Ushers' Ministry
- Ladies Auxiliary
- The Male Ushers
- The Youth Ushers



Michael R. Lomax

Reverend Michael R. Lomax, born the youngest of four children to Kathryn and Joe Lomax in Platteville, Wisconsin, never could have imagined what God would do in his life. In 1996, Michael was called to the ministry...